Microfiber ~ comparing Apples to Apples

When comparing microfiber, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Often the cloths that are said to be a comparable product don’t even come close. There are a large number of different companies throughout the world that market microfiber cloths. There... read more

Amara Awarded Green Recognition

Congratulations to Nathan & Penny Shedden and Yacht Manager Carina Ludvigson for being awarded the Green for Yachts prize at the BVI Yacht Show in November 2015. Nathan & Penny are experienced in adventures at sea and making memories. They are from Australia... read more

s/v Starfish wins prize at St Thomas Yacht Show

Congratulations to Jen and Sam Augspurger from s/v STARFISH who won the runner-up prize for the best designer water at the St. Thomas Yacht Show and received the Green for Yacht gift presented by Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) As always, we are thrilled to... read more

CYBA Intl Green Initiative

Many of the pristine areas where charter yachts operate have no means of recycling. All trash ends up in the landfills. Plastic bottles are especially problematic as they can take over 400 years to decompose. Charter Yacht Brokers Association CYBA Intl is leading a... read more

Luxury Yacht Charters

Some people have a passion for travel.  Some people have a passion for sharing their experience so that others can have a fabulous vacation.  Christopher and Karin Patrick’s of Luxury Yacht Charters have a saying, “You make the memories. We’ll make... read more

Ban ReadyToUse

BAN RTU’S Your first sustainable choice is to STOP using RTU’s. RTU’s are ready-to-use products that are on the shelf, already mixed and ready for you to use. The first problem is the amount of packaging created. Think about how many plastic bottles... read more

Land and sea

Why are we talking about what happens on land? Because what happens on land matters at sea. It is “the big picture” of the blue planet. You are very much a part of that big picture. Our ultimate goal is to protect the ocean and preserve this spectacular... read more
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Why our Microfiber?

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