Meet Sam & Jen Augspurger

Congratulations to Jen and Sam Augspurger from s/v STARFISH who won the runner-up prize for the best designer water at the St. Thomas Yacht Show and received the Green for Yacht gift presented by Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA)

As always, we are thrilled to meet new people who have sailed the world and want to share the ocean with others ~ and preserve it for future generations!

We received this wonderful reply from Jen about their green gift package:

“Thank you so much for donating the Green for Yachts gift. As former cruisers who spent several years sailing halfway around the world (from FL to Australia), we are very eco-minded and I always focus on using environmentally acceptable cleaners on board Starfish. So I loved my prize! I am AMAZED at how little of the Basic H2 cleaner is needed. I love micro-fiber cloths, but the ones you have provided in the gift package are by far way superior to the ones I normally buy in the large packs at Home Depot. Even without reading the fine details from your website, one glance is enough to know that the pads and cloths are of very high quality. The trowel and pad will certainly help to speed up the cleaning of all the interior walls that occurs during and between charters. So, a big THANK YOU for your kind donation!

Jen Augspurger, Chef/First Mate
USVI Cell: (561) 859-2529
BVI Cell: (284) 343-7227 (*only when we are on charter)

Congratulations from Green for Yachts to s/v Starfish for being recognized in going green!

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Green for Yachts “Protect our blue planet” initiative