How do you know a green product is really green?
Ask these questions.


  • Is the product non-toxic and biodegradable?
    We are proud that our products perform without containing phosphates, borates, nitrates or any other bad -ates.  They do not contain chemicals.  They are not harmful to people or the planet.  The natural surfactants in our products mean they biodegrade in days or weeks not months or years.
  • Is the product a concentrate that will reduce plastic?
    Most companies boast if their concentrate has a dilution ratio of 1:8.  Our dilution ratios are:  1:64 for a degreaser and industrial strength cleaning solution, 1:256 for floor cleaner, 1:384 for all-purpose cleaner and yes, this is not a misprint 1:6144 for window cleaner. Our green cleaning solutions are so concentrated you will save thousands of bottles of plastic and because of their versatility, you will also reduce your footprint by reducing the number of bottles shipped to you. Below is a chart with full details of our concentration ratios.

We use the words “proud” and “truly” a lot because there are many fake green products on the market.  We are proud that our truly green products make a world of difference.

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