bottles-croppedYour first sustainable choice is to STOP using RTU’s.

RTU’s are ready-to-use products that are on the shelf, already mixed and ready for you to use.

The first problem is the amount of packaging created. Think about how many plastic bottles you discard and “yes, many can be recycled, but that doesn’t make sense either”.

The second problem is the amount of water being shipped. Many ready-to-use products are 98% water.

Why buy a concentrate?

SAVING SPACE with concentrates is a distinct advantage, especially for yachts.  It’s very economical and versatile.  Imagine an official Earth Day product that is so concentrated it makes15,123 bottles of window cleaner for only a few cents, plus can be mixed to be an all-purpose cleaner AND industrial-strength degreaser.

Discover this and all of our concentrated cleaning products.

Stewards….contact us to discuss your cleaning needs.  We are anxious to help address any challenges you face to provide the high standards required while protecting our blue planet.